10 reasons why you WANT to take responsibility for your actions

taking responsibility for your actions

Did this ever happen to you? You are late for the 9 am meeting, your project is overdue and there are emails sitting in your inbox dying to get answered (for 2 weeks already)? There is so much going on in your life that it sometimes is difficult to set priorities.

Perhaps you have apologized saying “the traffic was heavy today”, “there were many unexpected challenges” and “I am just too busy to keep my inbox up to date”. Most people are responding with this victim’s attitude: blaming other situations or people for what happened to them. But does this sound powerful to you? Would you trust that it will not happen again?

The exact opposite reaction to this victim’s attitude is taking personal responsibility for your actions. And yes, it may feel uncomfortable at first (as there is no one else to blame), but you will get highly rewarded, I promise!


Taking responsibility will give you 10 major benefits:
  1. You are nobody’s victim. You are the one in control.
  1. Responsibilities are giving your life a workable structure.
  1. Taking responsibility is giving you freedom.
  1. You will be achieving your targets. We all need focus and discipline to achieve our targets. Running away from this responsibility will end up in repetitive failure of jobs, projects, life situation, etc.
  1. The power to change lies within yourself. You don’t have to blame others anymore. When your attitude is “what can I learn from this mistake?” you will be “owning” the situation. Such a reflection will support your inner growth.
  1. Taking responsibilities will make you independent.
  1. You will be able to fulfil your true desires as you will find the power, motivation and energy to make the choices you need to make.
  1. You are trustworthy. People know what to expect when they are working with you.
  1. You will be admired as you are showing true leadership.
  1. It will positively impact your career development. People love to work with excellent, trustworthy and people-orientated managers, don’t you?


The world is in your hands!

Leadership is taking responsibility for your own actions. You can never control the actions or words of others, but you can take full responsibility for yourself.


Some tips for taking responsibility:
  • Awareness is the first step to create change. Start becoming aware of sentences like “It is her fault”, “I did not do that”, “They don’t understand me”, or “Their process is not described clearly enough”.
  • Next time when you hear yourself blaming someone else (or a situation), ask yourself “what can I do to take my responsibility and to improve the situation?”.
  • Be aware: don’t be too responsible for others. They need to get the possibility as well to take their responsibility. Don’t take that away from them. We all have to learn our own lessons.
  • Next month’s blogarticle (in English) will dive deeper into how to take this responsibility (see below!).


How do you take responsibility for your actions yourself?

I am looking forward to hear from you about how YOU are taking responsibility for your actions. Please leave a message below if you would like to share this with others. I would love to include your valuable tip(s) in next month’s blogarticle (in English): HOW to take responsibility for your actions?


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