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Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

Happy holidays! Wish you all the best for 2015. Looking forward making this into the most wonderful year for you and your team.

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Message from Saint Nicholas [Poem]

Message from Saint Nicholas

Go to “Bericht van Sinterklaas” if you prefer to read the Dutch version


Message from Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas)


Pepernoot and marzipan

The day of many sweets to eat

And all the people young and old

Get a gift from me and Pete


On December 5 each year again

Many kids get extremely thrilled

With book and doll and bear and train

Loud voices sing to me,

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How to enhance success by using your intuition

To listen [1:08 min]

 How to enhance success by using your intuition

The mind has taken over the main role in decision making in our current society and culture. It’s what we have learned at school; we’re trained to think of new solutions and making lists with pros and cons before deciding what to do.

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Self-confidence is being proud on who you are

I love me

[Go here if you would like to read or listen to this article in Dutch on]

Even the most successful  people are feeling insecure now and then, or are having thoughts such as “Is it good enough what I am doing?” and “What are they really thinking about me?”.

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How to keep that holiday feeling all year round

The summer season is a wonderful time for self-reflection and making plans. How was that for you this year?

Many people intent  to keep that holiday feeling for a long time; including taking more time for yourself, not working crazy long hours anymore.

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How to share your feelings at work and creating openness and trust in 3 easy steps


Are you sharing your feelings at work? A lot, or just now and then?

I must confess it took some time myself to find a way in this. Just like many others, I’ve been raised in a time in which performance was very important.

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How are you REALLY doing?

How are you?

It’s one of those questions we’re frequently asking; “How are you doing?”. “Great” is the usual response. Almost nobody is honestly telling the other person what’s really going on.

Now of course, you don’t have to give an honest answer. The primary purpose of this ritual is to create an opening in the communication between people.

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How freedom at work is elevating performance

Freedom<br />
Photographed by Steven Boelaars

Freedom. It’s one of those things of which we’re mostly not consciously aware. We’re living our lives and doing our jobs, not always realizing its priceless value.

But what exactly is freedom to you? Is it not being suppressed, being allowed to say what you want to say,

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What you can do to PREVENT and STOP workplace bullying

Stop bullying

You probably know people who were bullied at school. If I think of what my best friend had to go through at primary school, I feel this unpleasant sensation in my body: disbelieve, anger and guilt. Disbelieve and anger because I just can’t understand why people are doing this to each other.

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Are you ever complaining? – How to deal with consistent complaints

Are you ever complaining?<br />
Photographed by Steven Boelaars

Our inner voice is constantly talking to us. Just sit down for five minutes and listen to the thoughts in your mind. Notice the continuous process that never ends.

Most of the time old thoughts, often consistent complaints, are being repeated.

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