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Three things to know when turning ineffective communication into effective communication

Remember that last time when  your colleague, manager or family had totally freaked out after you had sent out a clear message? Their reaction was not at all proportional to the content, and your communication appeared unsuccessful.They totally had misunderstood you. Perhaps you even felt like blaming the other for what just happened there.

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Wat WEL werkt bij het waarmaken van je voornemens

Anders doen

Januari is de eerste maand van onze kalender. De traditie van onze nieuwjaarsvoornemens stammen af van de Romeinen. Zij begonnen elk jaar met het maken van beloften aan Janus en dit is waar de traditie van onze voornemens vandaan komen. Maar laten we eerlijk zijn;

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Self-confidence is being proud on who you are

I love me

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Even the most successful  people are feeling insecure now and then, or are having thoughts such as “Is it good enough what I am doing?” and “What are they really thinking about me?”.

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How freedom at work is elevating performance

Freedom<br />
Photographed by Steven Boelaars

Freedom. It’s one of those things of which we’re mostly not consciously aware. We’re living our lives and doing our jobs, not always realizing its priceless value.

But what exactly is freedom to you? Is it not being suppressed, being allowed to say what you want to say,

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What you can do to PREVENT and STOP workplace bullying

Stop bullying

You probably know people who were bullied at school. If I think of what my best friend had to go through at primary school, I feel this unpleasant sensation in my body: disbelieve, anger and guilt. Disbelieve and anger because I just can’t understand why people are doing this to each other.

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Are you ever complaining? – How to deal with consistent complaints

Are you ever complaining?<br />
Photographed by Steven Boelaars

Our inner voice is constantly talking to us. Just sit down for five minutes and listen to the thoughts in your mind. Notice the continuous process that never ends.

Most of the time old thoughts, often consistent complaints, are being repeated.

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Why you need to be leaving your comfort zone. Be brave and do not panic.

CSP model

Most of us love to grow and develop and gain new competences. The backside of this is that we’ll have to leave our comfort zone to do so.

I have experienced this myself last week during our family ski-trip in Austria.

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What are your leadership blind spots? Identify in 3 steps and increase your impact.

 Blind spot<br /><br />
Photographed by Steven Boelaars

Like most cars, leaders are having blind spots as well; areas where we have difficulty seeing clearly. Either we are too busy to identify our blind spots or our pride stands in the way to recognize them.

“Professional blind spots” are causing smart,

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