Meet Karen

Meet Karen

Karen Zimmermann is the founder of Connectives

Karen ZimmermannI help Leaders and Entrepreneurs to facilitate their Natural Leadership and Multiply Productivity.


From my personal experience I know that leaders can only function well when there is a healthy balance between action and reflection. An unnatural separation of thinking and feeling is a result of our busy lives. Leaders are experiencing insufficient time to work on the crucial fundamentals of team work, such as vision creation and making sincere contact. I feel privileged when they are finding their way back to who they really are, working effortlessly and achieving outstanding results.

Here is HOW I can help …

I show Leaders and Entrepreneurs the road to personal leadership in order to increase productivity and personal effectivity. You will get back to your personal goals by re-connecting ‘feeling’ and ‘doing’. I help to connect these goals to your team’s and organization’s goals. I will teach you to open up yourself to your intuition and to use that as a guidance for your business and personal decisions. You will create an optimal connection between yourself, your team and your job.


Consulting/Coaching/Training for Leaders and Entrepreneurs and their team(s)

  • Leadership and Teamwork Programs
  • Workshops and In-company training
  • Interim Consultancy

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About Karen

I love to connect with professionals, creating awareness of your qualities and feelings. I quickly sense what your issues are and what hinders you to excel. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone in an atmosphere of trust. I will give you practical tools that you can directly apply yourself in order to be more productive and to stay close to yourself.

Contact me today in case you are having any questions about leadership, teamwork or productivity!


Karen Zimmermann


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