Not just learning with your brain, but growth and development by feeling and experiencing. That is how Connectives develops her services and products. Connectives also offers training courses aimed at boosting natural leadership, individually, in-company and online.


Connectives supplies the following services, e.g.:

Leadership & Teamwork

  • Deep Dive ProgramIn this program you will learn to further facilitate your natural leadership, defining your vision and you will achieve your desired goals and objectives step by step. It is specifically designed for individual coaching and training, as well as for small groups.
  • Leadership Strategy Program: This individual program is giving managers and team leaders the required support when taking their team to a higher level of performance.
  • Teamwork Strategy Program: When the current culture at work is counterproductive, causing insufficient teamwork due to lack of trust or unshared vision.


Examples of classroom (in-company) courses are:

  • Get It Done
  • Leadership qualities
  • How to think out-of-the-box
  • Communication training (e.g. Feedback, authentic listening)
  • Getting more done in less time (Getting Things Done)
  • Team-building
  • How to use your intuition as ingredient for succes
  • Creating your vision
  • How to realize your vision


Interim Consultancy



Any person or organization has different questions or needs. We will therefore together explore which approach best fits your question. Customization, so you will get the most out of yourself, your team or your organization. Combinations of courses and programs are possible.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.



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