How to enhance success by using your intuition

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 How to enhance success by using your intuition

The mind has taken over the main role in decision making in our current society and culture. It’s what we have learned at school; we’re trained to think of new solutions and making lists with pros and cons before deciding what to do.

That hasn’t always been the case. In the old days people tend to live their lives much more intuitively. They often couldn’t read and write. Choices were based on a deep knowledge from their ancestors combined  with their gut feeling, which could literally save lives.

It is interesting to see that the most successful managers and entrepreneurs are taking their intuition very seriously. They are following their dreams, translating their ideas into actions and reality. The secret of intuition is that information is supplied from the subconscious. It’s the part in yourself which is closest to your heart, it just knows where the opportunities are and what needs most attention.

So how to enhance success at work and life by using your intuition? The #1 secret is: opening up and listening to what comes out of your own subconscious.

Here are 5 not to be missed steps to enhance intuition at work and life for success:

1. Feel how your feelings are affected by specific situations or people.

We’re all humans. You are constantly triggered by your environment. The only thing feelings want, is being felt. So feel your feelings and acknowledge them as it creates space.

2. Create less emotions.

Living on the edge of emotions is intense and requires a lot of energy, making it more difficult to hear the more soft and gentle voice inside of who you really are.

3. Explore where your emotions are coming from

Understanding where emotions are coming from also has a direct effect on creating less emotions.

4. Create silence in your thinking

Our brain is constantly producing thoughts. It’s worrying about what just happened or what will happen next. It’s mainly living in the past and future. By training your brain to be silent (e.g. meditation, creative processes, sports), you are creating the perfect conditions to hear what your intuition has to say.

5. Learn to trust your own truth

Just listen to your inner voice and follow the advice you are getting. The more you actually start taking action, the more you will be rewarded. This soft part of yourself will speak out more and more once it is taken seriously.

So the good news is that you can enhance your intuition yourself!

I am curious to know what your experience is with following your intuition. Please send me a message, I’d love to know.


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