The most powerful way to become a successful manager

Quote Henry Ford

Many managers are struggling to achieve their goals and objectives. There is too much work and not enough time. Perhaps you have tried many different strategies already. It probably did not bring you the results you were really looking for, unless you have been working on what I think is the number one rule of leadership.

You can only change yourself

The only way to change is by taking 100% responsibility for your own actions. It makes you powerful, trustworthy and you will be achieving your personal and work related goals. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

I can already hear the question that is popping up inside your head, “But how do I do that? How can I take 100% responsibility for my actions?”.

Stop making excuses

There is really only one answer to that: You will have to give up your excuses. Are you late for the 9 am meeting because of the heavy traffic or because of the train delay? You could have anticipated on this by leaving earlier.

Are you dealing with overdue projects? Don’t blame your team members, clients, or systems. Instead, ask yourself “What could I have done differently?”. I am not saying here that you won’t have to deal with unexpected situations. It does mean that you are preparing yourself. Blaming others will take you to the same pitfalls again and again. It takes your internal power away, you are becoming a victim instead of being a leader. Only if you are willing to take 100% responsibility you will be learning for future situations.

Want new results?

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got” is a quote by Henry Ford. Every new day will bring you new opportunities to learn, to take different actions and to receive new results. If somethings doesn’t work for you? Change it! Stop making excuses is the most powerful way to success.

You will be such a powerful and successful manager if you can honestly look at yourself. And remember, this is a process. Change usually doesn’t happen overnight. You can start today by taking different actions which are leading to new, outstanding results.

What’s next?

Change only happens by taking new actions. I am curious to know: Where do you see possibilities for reclaiming your 100% responsibility for your actions?

Share what you are going to do in the comment field below.


To your success!


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