What would you do with this magic pill?

Magic pill of leadership

Imagine I would have this magic pill for you. It is a red and white capsule and it is solving your biggest leadership issue at work as a manager. Just imagine! No more overdue deadlines, difficult team members, failing equipment or too much work to do.

Instead, projects are moving forward effortlessly, teamwork is just terrific, the equipment is working perfectly and you are having all the time you need for strategic decisions.

All you have to do is following this prescription: Take one capsule at the start of each day. There is just one minor catch. You have to swallow a pill every day, as it will not work otherwise.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Want to have it?

You probably now think “this sounds like a fairytale”, and unfortunately I have to tell you, you are right. These magic pills do not exist. But as often in fairytales, there is a practical takeaway when you read between the lines.

Connect to your goals every single day

Connecting to your goals, every single day, will deepen your focus and will fast-forward your results. Visualize the end result! I know this can be challenging at times, as urgent issues may arise. It does require clarity of what you are working on, and your commitment. I invite you to try it for a week and then judge if it works for you.

When I was a manager myself in a pharma company, my main struggle was the amount of work. Many changes that had to be incorporated at the same time and a significant amount of meetings were eating away my available time. Focusing helped me to stay on track and to say no to less important and less urgent issues.

I am curious now … what if this magic pill would exist? What problem would you like to solve most, being a manager?

Let me know by leaving a comment below. One word … or one sentence. I would love to know!

Warm regards,

Karen Zimmermann


P.S. I love to help with leadership, teamwork and productivity challenges. By leaving a comment, you are letting me know about your main issues. This helps me in focusing on what is most valuable and interesting for you to hear and read about (free e-guide and blogs). Don’t like to publicly share it on the blog? Send me a personal message, that works just as well. Thank you!



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