Why a tiger is never too busy and you are

Resting tiger

I am so busy!”  I think it is today’s most shared sentence between people. When your friends or colleagues are asking “how you are doing?”, can you honestly say you are never responding with “Good, but I am really busy at the moment!”? We make it sound as if there is nothing we can do about it.

Killing story

And you know what, that’s a lie …

It is a story we are telling each other and I believe it is a killing story. You can do something about it. You are the one in control. You decide on how busy you are.

Now I am not saying that being busy is a wrong thing. It is ok to be working hard and having tuff goals. It keeps you focused and determined.

Charging the battery

The problem arises when you are too busy for a long period of time. Just take a look at the tiger. When she goes hunting, she is totally focused on one thing only and that is her prey. Her body and mind are working together. She runs, decides on her strategy and strikes to kill. And when she is done and her stomach is filled, she rests. The tiger sleeps and is taking care of her fur, getting ready for the next hunt. She is charging her battery.

This is exactly where we go wrong as human being. We are behaving as if we are continuously hunting. We are working hard, coming home from work and then working even more. We are going to bed late and are getting up early to start working again. And in the meantime we are telling ourselves we are really busy and we are even feeling a little proud about it.

Why are you busy?

So why are you too busy anyway? There are a lot of different possibilities:

  • Being busy is prestigious. You must have an important job if so many people need your advice before they can continue themselves.
  • There is too much going on and you find it difficult to choose (and being busy is a great excuse for saying no without hurting anyone’s feelings).
  • You do not have a realistic idea of how much time you need for each of your activities. I am regularly having this problem myself, being too optimistic.
  • You are a perfectionist. It never is good enough. You are spending so much time on details and forgetting the big picture.
  • You tend to postpone when it is becoming a little more difficult.
  • You do not know what is the best way to plan your activities.

So, recognizing any of these?

What’s next

I advice you to start taking 15 minutes a day to relax, real me-time. No tv or entertainment, but something that is fully relaxing to do. Go for a walk, make a drawing, go boxing, go to the gym, do yoga-exercises or meditate. These 15 minutes are yours only. And next, please do not use the words “I am so busy” anymore. Every time telling yourself this story, you start  believing it even more.

If you really want to work on this “I-am-too-busy” thing, join my one day Get It Done Workshop, specific for Pharma and BioScience. You will learn the simplest and most effective strategy for goal setting, what it takes to follow your plan and how to boost your productivity without working more. The ultimate result is less stress and more fun!

Check out the Get It Done Workshop here. I hope to see you there!

Warm regards,

Karen Zimmermann

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