Quality Culture


We believe in being connected

Without there is no life

Executing without passion

Is like slowly dying

I am there, but not complete

Connection is essential

To live your live

And make the most

Of what you do


Leaders can only function when there is a healthy balance between action and reflection. An unnatural separation of thinking and feeling is a result of our busy lives. Leaders are experiencing insufficient time to work on the crucial fundamentals of team work, such as vision creation and making sincere contact. I feel privileged when they are finding their way back to who they really are, working effortlessly and achieving outstanding results. Leveling Quality Culture in your organization enables open discussions about vision, focus and performance of all levels.

Here is HOW we can help …

Being partnered with PCS we encourage implementing Quality Culture into pharmaceutical organizations. Only when the “spirit” of the organization is open to change and welcoming accountability, significant results may be expected.

Interested in Quality Culture, but working outside the pharmaceutical work field? In a 1-to-1 setting (limited availability!) we show Leaders and Entrepreneurs the road to Quality Culture Implementation. Be aware, this is only for the brave amongst us. It can be a tough ride!


Currently Connectives actively participates in:

  • Pharmaceutical Consultancy Services (PCS) as partner in PCS Academy
  • Leadership and Teamwork programs facilitated by Connectives (limited availability)

Contact us if you wish to hear more about Connectives of Quality Culture.

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